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I'm Angie! I am a wife to a hottie of a husband and a mom to the two cutest little girlie girls! We also have a husky pup named Blaze.  After the girls are in bed, You can almost always find my husband and I with a snack, binge watching the office, while I edit photos.  


Things I love:  Jesus and our church, anything autumn, Disney, comfy clothes, coffee, my goofy family, friends, spooky stuff like murder mysteries, zombies, ghost stories, etc,, Christmas, naps, rainy days, breakfast, the beach, boy bands, and taking pictures and videos of EVERYTHING.  I am ALWAYS on my phone taking photos/videos - and it's because I never want to forget anything in this life that God has blessed me with!  


I truly never thought that my passion would turn into a  business that blesses me with new friendships every single week! You are also the reason I do what I love and love what I do.


When it comes to photography, I get so excited, to the point of butterflies, to sit down and read, watch or listen to anything that has to do with the newest cameras, shooting and editing techniques, and everything else relating to photography! I'm not exaggerating when I say that I read and watch videos on photography every single day. I take pride in the effort I put in to learning from the best of the best and delivering my take on it all to you.

I hope to progress in this art for the rest of my life. I also hope you will be there with me. together we will make and capture memories you and I will hold on to for life. I cannot wait to meet you & have a blast together!    xoxo Angie

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