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Ian and Klaudia // Engaged

"...From locking eyes with each other in their church's coffee shop, to happily ever after"

Wedding Date: February 2022 in Alton, Illinois

How did you first meet and first start dating?

We met at The River Church (the coffee shop to be exact). One day Klaudia finally took the leap to talk to Ian after eyeing him in the coffee shop for weeks. When we first started dating we experienced a pandemic which is something most couples don't have to experience during their first months together.

A memorable date you've shared?

We are always are people that get up and go with no plan at all. Our first date was the most memorable due to it being in the middle of a pandemic we had to get creative. Ian planned a date day at a private lake. He picked up the Brown Bag Bistro and we had a picnic and just soaked up the outdoors. This was something that we could do that was 'socially distanced' for the time being.

If you both had a Saturday day off to yourselves, what would you do for fun?

We would load the car up and drive somewhere we have never been. We usually just pick somewhere we have never been within a few hours and get in the car and drive. These are when the best memories are made

Tell me how you became engaged?  Who popped the question?  Give me all the details!

We became engaged on a Sunday Family Day. We had spent the day together (with isla) hiking trails at pere marquette. On our way home Ian decided to take a detour and pop the question at the Amphitheater in Alton. This is a place we go to have picnics all the time and just soak up life together. Its our quiet and relaxing place.

What are you most excited about your wedding day and being married?

We are so excited to celebrate with our friends and family. We always love being surrounded by the ones we love the most. We are excited for a lifetime of adventures and memories together.

One wish you have for your future together?  Any 5 year plans? 10 year plans?

Our wish is to have a big family, and to be able to put God first for all the years to come. We want to raise all of our kids knowing and loving Jesus.


Note from Angie:

I am absolutely over the moon excited for these two. I have known them both for awhile now - ever since the beginning of their relationship! I remember taking their porch photos during the spring lockdown in 2020! Plus, their maternity photos! These two are some of the most genuine, loving people you will ever meet. They have such a heart for the church and for people. I'm so honored and blessed that they asked me to capture their Wedding Day! It's going to be beautiful!!!

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