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Food Photography:  Supporting Local Restaurants & Businesses

Besides Lifestyle Portrait Photography - I also specialize in FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!  It's one of the most fun parts of my job!  Growing up in the Restaurant Industry (my parents have been restaurant owners for over 20 years!) I know all the in and outs!  I've grown to realize that being a chef or restaurant owner is not my calling - however, taking photos of food to help restaurant owners market and showcase their creations is one of my passions!  I love showcasing local restaurant's impressive menu items and with that - helping them to grow their online presence and overall business!  

The images I capture of your delicious meals is perfect for social media marketing, your website, menus and even billboards!  (Here's a fun fact!  In the Riverbed Area - I have several Billboards with my food photos on them!)  

Send me a message for more info - or to book Angie Scott Photography to come out to your establishment to take photos of your food! 

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